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Healthy habits for 2020

Hello to our readers and a very Happy New Year to you all! We trust you have had a jolly good break over the holiday season. We’re getting straight into it this month. January… the month for those dreaded resolutions that many of you have good intentions of sticking to when you set out, but struggle to stick to as the months tick by. After an indulgent Christmas break, being healthy is often at the top of the list. As your trusty go-to health advisors, we’re here to give you some tips on making 2020 a healthy year. Please read on for your healthy habit manual!

Move, move, move!

This sounds easy, but for many it’s a big struggle. We are a sedentary world compared to the past. We have everything at our fingertips with supermarkets, stores and online shopping providing everything we need. Phones, tablets, TV, gaming and desk jobs mean people tend to sit a lot, even during leisure time. There is a huge obesity issue in our world. Did you know that since 1975, obesity rates have tripled and continue to rise?! That is a very worrying stat. If you want to do all you can to avoid becoming overweight or obese, then one very simple thing to do is move more. Your bodies are designed for it and will love you for it. We suggest going for a short walk or bike ride on a regular basis to keep the heart healthy and the waistline in check. If you get the train or bus to work, try leaving a bit of extra time and get off a few stops early to walk the rest of the way. Park at the back of the car park and walk that little bit further into the shops. You’ll soon get your steps in. Better still, go with a friend or family member… After all, exercise feels less of a chore when you have company.

Have a routine

This follows on nicely from our last point. As part of your promise to move more, why not have a little exercise routine that you can bust out on those nights you choose to stay in and watch your favourite show or movie. It doesn’t matter what you do, but doing something is better than just sitting there vegging out. We’re all for chill time, however, aim to work on your body a little every day and the results will be seen in no time. Have a yoga mat, resistance bands, light weights and a foam roller nearby and get to work on them whilst you are enjoying an episode or two. Fifteen minutes is all that is needed. If you want help working out a suitable routine, speak to us next time you are in for a session.

See your osteo regularly

So, you are in for a session with us, good work! Who better to ask for help than an professional expert in body and health? We know a lot of people go to osteo’s when they are in pain, but we’re here for you in the pain-free times as well. Osteopathy is a way of life - it’s not just about bones and backs! Yes, we love to work with people to perfect their bodies, but we also love to give lifestyle advice too. Whether it’s dietary, exercise, sleep or working out which sofa to buy (OK, the last one is all you, but feel free to ask us anyway!), we can help. If you have some new year aches and pains, then don’t let them build. Come and see us right away and we’ll get you on the path to full health. Lifestyle advice included!

Less screen time

Here’s some lifestyle advice for you. Aim for less screen time this year. It’s so easy to get dragged in to being on your phone or tablet all the time. They travel round in our pockets, we use them to talk, email, check the news, play games… The list is endless! How many of you wake up and the first thing you do is check your phone? How many of you also put the phone down last thing at night before closing your eyes? The long-term effects of increased screen time are not yet known and probably won’t be for years to come, but some recent research shows that increased screen time correlated to lower scores in thinking and language tests in children. Other negative effects include sleep disturbance, lack of creativity and becoming disconnected from your social circle. We don’t think any of this is particularly good, so why not vow to reduce screen time and instead dust off the board games. You’ll get awesome family time, lots of laughs (hello happy hormones!) and a happy brain. Win win win!

Cut down on treats

We had to include something dietary here. At the end of the day, you get out what you put in. So, put in more good stuff than bad stuff (we’re not against treats altogether) and your body will shine. The body loves plant-based foods as they are easy to digest, low in calories, and full of good nutrients. We won’t tell you to cut anything out altogether, but try substituting a few treats for some fruits, veggies or yummy yoghurt. Your insides will thank you forever, and you’ll be ticking one more box towards a healthier, happier you.

There you have it. Five easy steps to take in 2020. Let’s make this a winning year! If you would like to discuss any of the above points in detail, please ask us next time you are in and we will be happy to chat and offer our top-notch advice.

Happy New Year people!

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